A Global Weather Alarm System

Why watch the weather, when we can watch it for you…

Weather Alarm is an interactive weather data application, allowing users to create and be alerted to predefined weather scenarios for user specified points or locations across the globe, for a designated time period

Your Location, Your Weather Alarm

Create weather alarms for any area (polygon) or location (point) in the world

Draw areas / select points

Use the interactive drawing toolbar to create an alarm for the exact area you’re interested in.

Create point based weather alarms, that analyze the weather for a specific latitude/longitude coordinate – energy stations such as power stations or solar farms, agricultural locations such as farms or fields or event locations such as stadiums or buildings. Point based Weather Alarms can be used for thousands of applications, such as in the commodities, insurance and financial markets

OR build custom polygon base alarms, covering wide areas, such as cities, regions, states or entire countries

Area weather alarms have uses in many applications, such as: commodity yield forecasting, global supply chain logistics and energy trading

Create a single or multi criteria weather alarms!

When building a weather alarm, you have the option to build single criteria alarms, whereby an alarm is triggered if the criteria of only one weather variable is met, such as:

Total Precipitation is under 25mm OR Maximum Temperature is over 28 Degrees (C) over the next 10 days….

OR build an alarm that is a combination two variables, such as:

Total Precipitation is under 2″ AND the Maximum Temperature is over 28 Degrees C over the next 10 days

In this situation, the weather alarm would only triggered if both criteria are met.

Specify a time frame, forecast or observation data

Weather Alarm allows you to create an alarm that analyzes data from a single day or a date range, either looking backwards in time using observational data (such as the last 30 or 60 days), or forwards in time using forecast day (such as forecast day 1 – 10), or a combination of observational and forecast data

A present, Weather Alarm uses GFS/GEFS forecast data, allowing users to create alarms well into the future, out through forecast day 35

Alarms, right to your inbox or phone!

The Weather Alarms that you build are analyzed 4 times per day (with each forecast run – 00z, 06z, 12z, and 18z), but you have the option to be notified once or all four times per day

The default notification method in Weather Alarm is by email, but if you wish you can also have your Alarms send directly to your phone via SMS (at no extra charge)

We appreciate a deluge of emails/texts is not what you want, therefore we ONLY email you if one of your Alarms has been triggered – giving you peace of mind. No email or text means no alarm has been triggered

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Want to visualize your Weather Alarms?

Check out our global weather station and satellite image mapping application – a comprehensive weather risk analysis tool

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An example weather map from the global mapping application Marcus Weather Mapping (MWM)